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In times of the greatest glory of the spa in the 19th century, the most prominent guests were undergoing a healing here, such as Marie Louise, the second wife of Emperor Napoleon I., Alexander I., the Russian Tsar, and popular Elisabeth, the Austro-Hungarian Empress, know as Sissi. In 1895 there were treated with the wife of Emperor Franz Joseph I. Empress Elizabeth. In her honor was Deák hotel, which used to be, renamed the Elizabeth hotel. The spa park is a statue, which in 1903 created a Hungarian sculptor Donáth. Although Empress was staying at the spa lady he has in years when leaving declared that its healing springs help so that they feel like eighteen.

Although the Empress was the lady in her mature years during her stay at the spa, when leaving, she made a declaration on how much the spa, that it felt like she was eighteen year old. That was why the author depicted her as 18-year-old young lady.The Empress Elisabeth visited also the town of Bardejov and out of thanks for the good care she donated a ring to a pastor. The ring is displayed at the Town Hall, in the museum exposition. In the Saris museum is still preserved cup from which he drank mineral water. Some old buildings are not preserved. But today inherently completes Bardejov colonnade, new bath house, restored and newly built spa houses. The whole baths have beautiful landscaping, accompanied by a number of contemporary works of art.            


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